Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Hii guest.

welcome 2 my profile. i hope all is well with U. I'm here just 4 you coz i would like 2 start a family n share my whole life with some special person like U.

  I'm family oriented & i make friends & would like som1 also share the same.
i always like 2 meet with new people that r kind & understanding. I'm a man who wants love & all of what love has 2 offer.

  I'm satisfied with whatever i have & i don't care much more material things.
i don't like hurting people's feelings coz evry1 has a chance 2 laugh, so why do i make them sad, I'm really very easy 2 get along with, fun 2 b with n I'm very +ve.

well I'm a social worker/ journalist by profession
my name is sambhab, an honest caring person who puts other first & always try 2 lend a hand where i can.
  I'm very friendly, open minded, straight fwd, trustworthy in life with a good sense of humor & passionate. 

I'm a very simple, optimistic, energetic, social, smart & hard working guy. I'm cheerful, smiling, active, matured, independent , sincere, loyal, sensitive & tender person.

  I'm afraid of disappointments lies & egoistic people & i still believe in a true & everlasting love, the love that will live in my heart 4ever

  I'ma vegetarian. i don't smoke & don't drink.

i'm a strong individual who appreciate all that i hav, enjoys life & what it has 2 offer everyday. i'm a person who worries about every1 else & forget 2 worries abt myself. 

i love 2 write , reading novels & love, familiar stories.
i never compare myself with others.

 i always wan 2 do any work any job in my own style.
i believe in simple living & high thinking . 

i love my dreams & always try 2 bring them into reality. 

i always try 2 become a very good citizen of my country within my lifetime , i want 2 do maximum social work for poor , orphans & handicapped..

I'm a person who value other people's qualities & contribution. i feel a little un relaxed until the work is nt completed. i work with full dedication & use my knowledge & common sense with thoughtful innovations 2 render the best possible result. and my facebook page is

thatz all. thank you





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